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FeMC = main female character
MC = Main character
FeMV = Main female villain
MV = main villian
(unknown) = non-verify contents

A to E
Title (English)
Alt. Title

aishi no kotodama (H)
A demon live within one of the FeMC.

Angel of Darkness
A female science teachers is possessed by a demon and seduce men and kill them. Eventually transfer to a younger female student.

Dragon Rider (H)
One of the demon god worshipper takes possess of the maid of the princess and proceed to free the demons gods. Once they were free, they took possess of the princess and her female magical cat.

BodyJack (H)
ボディジャック 楽しい幽体離脱
A mad scientist sells a machine to a young boy which allows him to turn into spirit form and takes possession of her female classmate.

Cream Lemon Part 02-1 Super rail gun I (H)

Cream Lemon Part 02-1 Super rail gun II (H)
CREAM LEMON PART 08-1 超次元伝説RALL II -ラモー・ルーの逆襲-
One of the pervious Female character grows all and possessed by the evil dark lord from pervious series and secretly infecting the village.

CREAM LEMON PART 17 - 2   madoo toshi asutaroto (H)
CREAM LEMON PART 17-2 魔道都市 アスタロト
Ancient Demon takes over the body of a female fairy and turn her body into a demonic female form.

Demon Beast invasion  (H) OVA 1
A small demon beast takes possess of a female bike rider and infects her gang.

Demon Beast invasion 3 (H)
The scattered remains of the demon beast takes possess of Kayu’s female classmate

Demon Beast invasion 4 (H)
A spawn of Demon beast control a female Chinese mafia in order to kill the MC.

doriimu hantaa urara  yume
Dead twin sister uses her sister body to kills the female school’s girl who abused her. (not too sure)

Female 2 female possession, Wife possess another wife to experience sex.

F to J
Title (English)
Alt. Title

Fobia 2
A demon beast enters a female body and totally changes her behaviors.

guren BLOOD SHADOW dai ni maku ' yami ' (H)
紅蓮 BLOOD SHADOW 第二幕 「闇」
The group of heroes (4 girls 1 guy) travel together to combat evil. When they reach a shrine. One of the female was possessed by the enemy villain and attacks the group.

gaku tsuya nanafushigi (H)
学艶七不思議 vol.1
3 girls were playing spirit board game and a demon possess each girl one by one.

gakkoo no kaidan dai 15 wa
学校の怪談 第15
MC’s classmate is possessed by Aliens.

K to O
Title (English)
Alt. Title

Miko Detective (H)
FeMC combats a girl who is possessed by a ghost. The girl seduces the MC while being possessed.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Eo 25家庭教師ヒットマンリボーン 25
Whoever is stabbed by Rokudo’s spear were possessed by him. (include one of the hero’s sister)

kyomu senshi MIROKU 5 – 6
虚無戦史MIROKU 5-6
FeMC got possessed by a parasitic enemy.
ko chi kame 86
こち亀 86
MC’s spirit was removed from his body by accident and possessed a female officer co-worker.
Ninja Scroll OVA ep 6
獣兵衛忍風帖 第6話『雨宿り』
A purple eye parasite possesses various people in order to kill Jubei.

P to T
Title (English)
Alt. Title

sen otome varukirii ma akira vol. 2 (H)
戦乙女ヴァルキリー真章 第二話
FeMC was briefly possessed by the MV to corrupt her female sidekick.

shin . megami tensei (h)
Several male wolves spirit possess 4 female students.

teizoku rei DAYDREAM (H)
FeMC is possessed by a murder spirit and take revenges on the police officer that captured him.

U to Z
Title (English)
Alt. Title

 Wraith of the ninja Yotoden 02
戦国奇譚妖刀伝 02
One of the cast is possessed.
YuYu Hakusho 03
幽遊白書 第3
MC takes possess the body of a random high school girl to save someone.



Anonymous said...

When will there be links?

Tayaya said...

I am not planning to upload any of these up (i don't even have most of them), I am just compiling the information and add description if i have seen it myself.

The picture/link is if i found any picture/screenshot them myself if i see them in the future.

HolyRainz said...

Miko Detective has another name, called " Phantom Hunter Miko.
a link to the H video hosting side.

HolyRainz said...

gaku tsuya nanafushig as Sex Craft,
found on the same video hosting site.

HolyRainz said...

A download link to aishi no kotodama.
I don't really get what's the meaning on the page since I don't know the language, but one thing for sure that is written Chinese in language(sub) tab if I'm correct.