Possession compilation

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

MIA for awhile.

Not sure when i will be back, but i am really busy these months so i will going to MIA for a short/long while.

I will be frequently visit farhad's forum still if you have any questions.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Thought i give it a try on the new cintiq... I will take a long while to get used to it, i am loving it so far but the lining feels weird. 

Next story will be call "Wrong body"

This might not be the first page, i am thinking to try a new style on this so i will make adjustment later on. I should start around end of feb and March finish by April or end of April, hopefully.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy new year, 2014 and issue with comments

I know it is a bit late on that, but i hope you all have a great year to come.
The current project still not complete which should be soon.

PS: I have some trouble with the blog myself, comments are not working properly.
please visit
if you want to drop me off any comments.

I am hoping to change the drawing style a bit more over the next few month and make it look better.

comments are very appreciated as i can tell i still have an audience or at least 1 person following.

Criticism is very welcome as i can get some feedback and improve for the future.

GOOD NEWS: I got a cintiq 13 HD finally, so i am going to dedicate more time on getting hang of it.

P.S Jan 12:  The story is complete...I will be starting on the next one very shortly.
P.S:  Next story is chosen and will beginning soon.... like usual i will post a teaser once i get by the first few pages of draft.
P.S Feb 9: Delay...I don't feel like working these week due to tons of works scheduling through the month.
No idea how long..until the works stop. Also i am doing some research on how to get the quality i want...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Story: How to save my neighbor from being posssessed.

Name: How to save my neighbor from possession.

Part 2:

Side note: I am not too happy with the end result, because the story was getting too long, i started to get tired and lost some interest. In the end, i changed the possession element from parasite to to same way as another manga i did before. I will just leave it be. I am going to try better next one and keeping it short.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Works start around the 15th

I am going to begin correcting, and transfer the draft into original starting monday next week, as i am finishing exam and most of my night school courses and prepare for holiday.

If you have any good idea, or correction or any good up coming story you want to see turn into a doujinshi.

You are welcome to start the request under this post, i will read and look it up.

I will also put a poll on and see what people want to see in the next work.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The first draft is COMPLETE.

Alright, first draft is complete.
There is ...wow around 35 pages ...i was surprised by this as well.

It will take a Long time to release the complete story in finish mode.

Although, I am not too satisfy with my drawing and a tiny bit on the story progress.

I will be starting the clean up around december holiday when i am free.

I am also preparing for next story, if anyone have anything interesting or a good suggestion, i love to hear you. So here are first draft of what my story is like.

P.S: you might found the story a bit similar. I have taken this story from another original author and modified most of the parts and turned into a drawing.

The spoiler is below.: