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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MIA for awhile

calling halts on my current projects.

No telling when i will start working again.

update:12/17 extending vacation time.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Payback to a grudge.

Sorry for the bad transit between panels, It was a quick project. All finished in almost half a day. I also want to add a final page showing the older sister eventually bring the smaller sister to the cave where she is capture and reveal himself and made her join his rank by capturing him and takeover the bloodline as the head of the family exorcist (as they are the only survivors left).

Something like that. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Minor update

Look like the story is complete at the Raw stages.

from here on it will be cleaning and some redo. Hopefully finish by November.

I will be accepting ideas about half way of this story maybe a poll for another doujinshi OR an ORIGINAL story.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Possible MIA for awhile

Some changes in life coming next week,

I willing starting an internship with a new company on a new career for 2-3 months, it will be unpaid so I have find part-time to work. after the job.

I won't be around to continue for awhile, even I am actually almost complete the draft for the next story. I don't think I will find time do clear up and all.

PS: 10/05 As request I uploaded what i am working on right now, if you dont care about spoiler i will continue update the raw page as i draw. There is NO DIALOG on it, use your imagination.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Next one is decided!

Not sure how many pages it will be or how long.

going to feature black bullet (another bug/monster manga) the Gastera ?? with a bit of twist.

I will post up a teaser next couple of week.

I am going to try improve the quality further this time and effects and cut scene positions.

New style test..this is almost final

Monday, August 4, 2014

That is it for now.

The mushibuyo doujinshi is complete for now. I don't want to work on it anymore. (its on the tab "part 1. undercover") I am not putting it on main page. (there are still some pages need fixes)

The original idea was make a simple bodysuit scene instead having the bug hide itself in her body but I feel the story make more sense that the bug have no clue on its full potential yet since these bugs can evolve (if you read the manga) and find out what he can do and turn out like that.

The next part (if there is even demand for it) will be about Haru starting to infiltrate into mushibuyo and take part in the combat that happened and ....


Initially I just want to get some feeling on using the digital board and the new program. I think the outcome is a lot better than last one.

For next one, I will keep upgrading and improve especially the shading and effects. (i need to buy a few books about on to use the program better for those which will be around September.)

I don't have any idea on what to do next. It could be another doujinshi which i intend to improve or actually do a MELT story or a possession one. (i had enough of bodysuit).

Please leave your comment on the PAGE.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

preparing for next one and some delay

update: 7/30: More delay sorry, i broke my back 2 week ago and i couldn't sit straight for the whole 2 week until now. I it hard for me to sit down more then 30 min on my desk chair so i couldn't do any work. I have to wait until i get better to continue on. sorry.

I am actually closing to finish (say 5 pages left) which can still take a whole month.

But i am going to prepare the next story as well.

Here are my choices:

I actually have a great story built up around the ending of black bullet (for those who watched the anime of the spring 2014 season) It will be about parasite-bug.

I might also continue rework the original story I had which i posted the story up not long ago, which is about body swap and bodysuit.

and lastly,

I can also do a "melt" story.

I don't think I will work on any game this month.

If you have good suggestions, leave them on comment what you want to see. I am not limited by possession only this time so I also want to do a Mind control and corruption themed story one of these days.

Mind break is ok too!

P.S: I am going to redo the last bit and add more to it, the last few pages was terribly done, So I am going to spend time fixing it. Chances are I will be adding few more pages depicting the whole process more in details.